What You Need to Know About Virtual Currency

Virtual and cryptocurrencies have been at the forefront of our financial consciousness lately. Whether it’s through coverage on tech sites, or even a casual reference on futuristic and tech-geared TV shows, Bitcoin has become a buzzword. But what exactly are Bitcoins, or virtual currencies? We spoke with a couple of […]

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10 Financial Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

When the ceremony is done and the honeymoon is over, newlyweds come back to face their regular lives. Depending on how well they stuck to their wedding budget, that could mean a welcomed break from the chaos or a harsh reality check. The financial aftermath of hosting a grand event […]

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budget barbecue

How to Throw a Memorial Day Barbecue on a Budget

There’s no better way to start the summer than with a Memorial Day barbecue celebrated with friends and family. If you’re the one doing the hosting, though, it can result in a few headaches and some hefty grocery bills before it’s all said and done. How can you throw an […]

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teen budgeting

Practical Budgeting Tips for Young Adults

As your children grow, the decisions they make regarding money become more important, and teaching the young adults in your life about budgeting is no walk in the park. Don’t believe us? Just try to explain the importance of a checking and saving account without seeing eyes start to roll! […]

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