small salary

Save More on a Small Salary

Saving money can be a challenge in the best of circumstances, but when you have a small salary, it can feel impossible to put money away and plan for your future. Rest assured, it can be done. There are many things you can do to start saving money, regardless of […]

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5 Ways To Be Charitable Without Spending Money

Unfortunately, there are many people who would like to donate money to charity but just aren’t in the position to do so. You don’t have to feel like a miserly curmudgeon (or just plain down about your finances) when you ignore fundraising solicitations. If you use the things you can […]

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How to Make Objective Decisions Header Image

How to Make Objective Decisions

We make decisions every day, some very important and others less so. They range from what to have for lunch or how to spend your weekend to leaving your job or having a child. It’s surprising, then, how little attention we pay to one of decision-making’s biggest variables: our own […]

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Why Is the APR Higher on Short-Term Loans?

The annual percentage rate (APR) is a consumer financing tool used to compare one loan offering with another. APR is often confused with interest rate — it’s actually the cost of money borrowed expressed as an annualized rate. Lenders are required by law to disclose the APR to consumers before […]

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regrow food

10 Foods You Can Regrow and Save

The basic things we cannot live without tend to take up the majority of our budget: food, housing and utilities. While we can’t cut any of them out completely, there are certain actions we can take to help decrease how much we spend on them. The area that is most […]

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