How to Prioritize Your Inbox

Posted on 8th Jun, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

Email has revolutionized the way we communicate. However, it can feel like our inboxes can pile up and we’re spending forever trying to sort them out. When did it happen that your email has control over you?

Fortunately, there are ways you can correct this imbalance by setting yourself a winning strategy.

Start by decluttering your inbox — give it a good spring clean by deleting, filing or archiving every email. Even if it takes a whole day, the aim is to get to “inbox zero.”

Once your inbox is in a good condition, you need to keep it there. When you get into the habit of dealing effectively with incoming emails, it is easier to prevent things from getting out of control. Try starting with the 2-minute rule: Any email that can be dealt with and filed within two minutes should be actioned straightaway. Any other email should be put into a folder marked “Action Needed,” which you can return to when you have more time.

We’ve compiled a new infographic featuring a perfect plan for reaching and maintaining inbox zero. It’s the first tool to reach for if you’re serious about reducing inbox stress.

Your email correspondence is central to the way you work. Keep it refined and smooth-flowing, and you will revitalize your working day.

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