11 New Year's Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

Posted on 18th Dec, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

Come every January, we conjure up a list with big hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Lose 30 pounds, run a marathon, read more, drink less coffee. Almost half of all Americans come up with at least one goal to better themselves in the new year, but only 8% actually succeed.1 The problem? Most people choose goals that are far outside their reach or require smaller goals to achieve the major goal.

“Start with very very small steps,” says Dr. Lina Shihabuddin, psychiatrist and chief medical officer at RWJBarnabas Health in West Orange, N.J. Setting interim goals that break your bigger goal down into digestible steps minimizes the feeling of failure that can to lead to quitting when your central goal is simply too unattainable straight out of the gate.

The other major downfall of most resolution-keeping is the inability to properly verbalize our goals. Experts suggest getting specific to help you commit to your precise goal, rather than the idea of your goal. For example, saying that you want to “stop smoking” isn’t as effective as declaring you will reduce your daily cigarette intake by one each week until you’ve stopped smoking.

This year, your first resolution should be about setting reasonable goals for yourself to complete over the next 365 days. Second, come up with your small, specific goals to improve your life. Need some help? Choose some achievable resolutions from our list below.






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