How to Get Fit on a Budget

Posted on 28th Dec, 2016 by Barbara Davidson

Advertising campaigns may make it seem like pricey gym memberships, costly meal subscriptions and name-brand workout clothes are the keys to getting in shape, but there are cheaper (and better) ways to help you meet your goals. Whether you are dusting off your running shoes or regularly participate in 5Ks, there are many creative ways to hit your goals while keeping the budget low. Here our some of our favorite methods for getting fit without your bank account taking a hit!

Workout DVDs

When someone mentions workout DVDs, you may picture a grainy 1980’s video with a familiar actor decked out in head-to-toe spandex. Fortunately for the budget gym-rat, workout DVDs have come a long way since then. Top trainers like Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson and Michael Olajide have recorded great workouts to fit anyone’s preferred exercise style.

You can buy the DVDs, or you can take advantage of many free or frugal resources:




Workout Apps

If you’re struggling to put together a well-rounded workout plan for yourself, try a workout app. Many apps are available for free and provide a few great workouts to get you started. If you need to switch things up a bit, other apps offer a monthly subscription that provides you with fresh and exciting workouts on a regular basis to keep things interesting and improve your motivation.

Check out one of these great apps to get you started:


Daily Yoga



Home Exercise Equipment

You don’t need a bulky treadmill or heavy stacks of weights taking up room in your home to get the great workout you want. There are several budget items you can purchase to step up your intensity. If you are looking to buy some bigger-ticket items, consider checking out Play It Again Sports or other sporting goods stores that specialize in lightly used athletic equipment. They carry popular brands at a steep discount. If you want to spend even less, browse the Freecycle Network to see if you can get items for free.

Here are a few great items that won’t cost you a lot and take up very little space in your home:

Resistance Bands

Jump Rope

Stability Ball

Your workout plan is only a fraction of what makes up a healthy routine. If you’re really looking to get fit, you’ll need to take a serious look at your diet too. Making the change is going to take discipline and preparation, but it doesn’t take a big budget.

Many people make the mistake of believing they need to subscribe to some sophisticated diet plan that’s endorsed by a celebrity to truly hit their goals. The problem with many of those plans is their inability to be sustained over long periods of time. Short-term diets are proven time and time again to be a waste of time. Weight loss is much more successful when you make positive, healthy changes that can be maintained. So skip the expensive fad diets, juice cleanses and supplements — you can get all the nutrients you need from your food.

The first step to any well balanced diet is planning. When you don’t plan ahead, it’s easy to just grab whatever is most convenient for you, even if it’s not the healthiest choice. Instead, use these great apps to help you plan ahead and avoid extra calories and over spending.





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