How to Improve Your Resume According to Science

Posted on 22nd Feb, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

Writing your resume is the first step in applying for the job you want. If you can impress potential employers on paper, you’ll win the chance to wow them with you personality at the interview stage. But how can you ensure your resume is as strong as it needs to be?

We all know the feeling. You spend hours typing your qualifications into a Word document, but at the end it just looks a mess. Maybe you don’t know which elements of your experience you need to emphasize. If only we knew what employers are thinking when they look at a resume!

Believe it or not, we do. Careers are a big business, and plenty of studies have been made to look at the way that employers analyze CVs. For instance, while a good headshot is essential to a LinkedIn profile, if you include one in your written resume, you’ll be perceived as unprofessional. 88% of applicants who do so face rejection for their efforts.

We’ve gathered 18 insights into our new infographic, and each piece of resume advice is backed up by a survey or report. Be sure to study it carefully before completing your CV, and you will greatly increase your chances of being shortlisted for interview.

Employers have to see a large number of resumes before making their decisions. Make sure you rise to the top of the pile by polishing up your CV with these wise words of advice.

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