March 2013

Credit Report
March 27, 2013

An Informative Guide to Credit Scores and Credit Reports

One frequently misunderstood aspect of personal finances is the role and importance of credit reports and credit scores in our lives. Many people may have heard about credit reports or credit scores and that they are used in the financial field, but many consumers do not fully understand how they function and how they are […]

Green Banking
March 20, 2013

Green Banking 101: Greening Your Bank Account

Eco-friendly and sustainable living has rapidly grown into a separate corporate sector. Many industries have launched campaigns to increase awareness about the world’s consumerist ways, including initiatives to increase profits while lessening the impact on the environment. These business initiatives follow a trend led by their clients and customers. Individuals throughout the country are increasingly […]

March 13, 2013

Net Savings! A Guide to Saving Money

Saving money gives people a measure of security that also provides more opportunities. The old motto goes “Pay yourself first,” but many people have not yet gotten the memo. Studies show that 28 percent of people have no emergency savings and 25 percent have no savings at all! Having savings stashed away gives people freedom, […]

March 5, 2013

Extra Credit! Math Made Fun: A Resource for Parents

Think back to those wonder years when you were back in grade school. If you made a list of your favorite classes in school, where would math class be on your list? For many kids today, just as in the past, math is often at the bottom of their lists. Some kids have heard that […]