September 2013

Staycation Tips
September 30, 2013

10 Tips For Planning A Fun & Affordable Staycation

A lavish vacation may be out of the question this year, but what about a staycation? According to an infographic from, 24% of Americans are likely to take a staycation in the coming year. Wikipedia defines the staycation as “a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities […]

Workout App
September 27, 2013

Get Fit With Your Phone: 5 Free Fitness Apps

The health benefits of exercise are obvious, but staying fit also has its financial perks. Research shows that regular physical activity lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes, both of which can lead to astronomical medical bills. In the past we’ve covered ways to exercise on a budget, but since most of us have […]

Kids Budget
September 25, 2013

Tools To Teach Kids Budgeting Skills At Every Age

Do you want your child to learn responsible personal finance habits? Get ready to throw on your teaching hat. According to the JumpStart Coalition for Financial Literacy, only a handful of states require at least a one-semester class in personal finance before high school graduation. That means that if you want your child to grow […]

Affordable Vacations
September 23, 2013

Affordable Vacations: 7 Tips for Planning Trips on the Cheap

Americans are notorious for letting vacation days go to waste. Why are we so anti-vacation? Studies show that 87% of Americans say they would take more leisure time if they felt they had the time and money to do so. While there’s not much we can do to get your boss off your back, we […]

Healthy Groceries on a Budget: Tips for Supermarket Success
September 20, 2013

Healthy Groceries on a Budget: Tips for Supermarket Success

A commonly cited excuse for unhealthy eating is that produce, organic and other healthy foods tend to be significantly more expensive than their empty calorie counterparts. Is that classic excuse legitimate, though? In 2012 the USDA made it their mission to find out. The title of the report, “Are Healthy Foods Really More Expensive? It […]

Allowance Apps
September 18, 2013

Pay Up! 5 Allowance Apps for Parents

Last week we shared an interesting set of stats on allowance in the United States. If you’re one of the 61% of parents that pay your child an allowance, you know that one of the hardest parts of the process is consistency. Whether that means having small bills on hand, holding kids accountable for chores, […]

Home Improvement
September 16, 2013

Infographic: Home Improvement In The U.S. — A Look At ROI, DIY & Budgets

Thinking about tackling a home improvement project on your own? All across the country, the DIY approach is growing increasingly popular as both a money saver and a hobby. In the infographic below, we’ve gathered data on the kinds of home improvement projects Americans are doing, and the types of projects that yield the highest […]

7 Ways To Exercise On A Budget
September 13, 2013

7 Ways To Exercise On A Budget

We all know that exercise does the body good. Research proves that regular physical activity lowers the risk of common health issues such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression and cancer, which can lead to a longer, happier life. But did you ever think of exercise as a financial security measure? According to NerdWallet, there […]

Allowance Tips
September 11, 2013

Allowance In America: When, Why & How Much We Pay Our Kids

American parents are shelling out an average of $780 a year for each child’s allowance. Think that seems a bit steep? Here are a few more allowance statistics from the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts that will shed some light on how your household rules stack up to the rest. 61% of parents pay […]

Vacation Statistics
September 9, 2013

Do Americans Hate Vacation?

Did you know that as an American you’re far less likely to take a vacation than workers in any other developed nation in the world? There are a number of studies out there that show the value of vacations. According to research from the University of Illinois, vacations make workers more focused and productive in […]