3 Great Opportunities to Save Money While Traveling

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Whether you’re planning a family summer vacation abroad or a cross-country trek, it can be easy to go above and beyond the travel budget you’ve set aside for yourself. To learn how to help your account stay in good shape, we spoke with Chris Cuddy, Chief Commercial Officer of CheapOair, to find out his best travel tips for the summer and beyond!

When booking your flight…

Cuddy recommends doing your homework before you even book your flight. “Use sites like CheapOair to mix and match flights on 450+ airlines, and start your search 30 – 45 days in advance to find the lowest fares.” He also recommends purchasing and booking on an off-peak day whenever possible. “Search for flights on a Monday or Tuesday morning after the airlines have processed demand for flights over the weekend. Also, book your outbound and return flights on an off-peak day (Monday – Thursday) with a Saturday night stay.” Following these tips will give you the best opportunity to land a great deal.

When planning your trip…

Bundling can help you save a few bucks, but so can strategic travel. Cuddy advises booking your flight, hotel and car together, as well as booking destination activities before you set foot on the plane. “You can find more affordable rates when you book tickets or tours to museums, shows and even restaurants online.” He also advises using a little bit of strategy, “Consider traveling to U.S. destinations where CheapOair has seen affordable airfares as well as inexpensive things to do once you’ve arrived (like Denver, Fort Lauderdale and San Diego). Also, consider traveling to destinations where the U.S. dollar has grown stronger against foreign currencies — these destinations will offer more reasonably priced hotels, meals and even tours and entertainment (like Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Czech Republic and Thailand).”

While traveling…

Avoid the common cash traps, like hotel mini bars and overpriced beverages. Cuddy recommends stocking up on water and snacks at a local drugstore or pharmacy to help save extra cash while traveling. “Also, avoid tourist traps. By doing research ahead of time, you can skip the unremarkable restaurants on the busiest streets and find authentic meals without a price tag that breaks the bank. You should also ask the locals. At information kiosks in airports and train stations, locals will be happy not only to point you in the right direction, but they will give suggestions far more valuable (and often much less expensive) than any guidebook.”


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