4 Productivity Tips for the New Year

 NC 5 Productivity Tips

What better time to be productive than at the start of the new year? Not only is this when we most often think about what goals we’d like to set, it’s also when we decide on a game plan for how exactly we’ll accomplish them — frankly, mapping this out can be a difficult task in itself! Let us help this year by outlining 4 easy-to-follow productivity tips.

Action Plan
With any game plan, the follow through is just as, if not more, important than the initial idea. To efficiently accomplish your goals, you’ll need to set an action plan. Prior to starting any project, identify what it is you want to get done and how exactly you’re going to do it!

Keep Track
To understand where your time is going, keep track of everything for a week or two. Soon, you’ll be able to identify just what you spend your time doing and how much of that time is actually being lost on unimportant tasks. Once you pinpoint places where you get distracted it’ll be easier to eliminate the time-wasters and find more time to be productive.

Expect the Unexpected
Unfortunately, every day things happen unexpectedly that can interfere with your productivity. If your schedule is too rigid and doesn’t allow room for flexibility, you’ll feel the weight from these unforeseen occurrences and end up with chaotic, unproductive days. Leave a little wiggle room in your schedule for surprises so you feel less stressed and more prepared.

Sync Calendars
Typically, writing things down and keeping organized is a great way to be as efficient and productive as possible. However, if you’re anything like me and like to write things down on paper, phone AND computer, you might run into some issues. If you’re using multiple platforms to keep track of appointments, tasks or engagements, make sure they are all synced so you don’t end up double booked or missing appointments.

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