A Guide to Saving Money on New Shoes


Saving Money on New Shoes

Sneakers for the gym, dress shoes for work, boots for the winter, sandals for the summer- there is footwear appropriate for every season and occasion. Unfortunately, shoes nowadays can cost you quite a bit of cash. Here are some tips to save money the next time you go shopping for shoes.

Invest in High Quality Shoes 

The first tip is going to seem counterintuitive: if you want to save money on shoes, you’re going to need to spend a little more money on shoes. When you go shoe shopping, make sure to buy high-quality footwear. High quality shoes last longer and will save you money in the long run as you will not need to buy as may pairs over time.

Use the Internet

Make sure to comparison shop online. Many people are still hesitant to buy shoes online as they want to try shoes on before buying them. But some of the best deals on shoes can be found on sites like Zappos.com and even Amazon. To assuage your fears about buying the wrong size, most shoe sites have great return policies, making it easier to find just the right pair.

Wait for the Big Annual Sale 

Shoe stores tend to be fairly aggressive when it comes to sales. Most shoe stores have an annual clearance sale where they try to move old inventory. Wait for these types of sales to stock up on footwear. Try to think about buying shoes for the whole year. If say, it’s the summer time, buy winter shoes as well. When it comes to your finances, you need to save money wherever you can. Footwear is a place where you can easily save some money if you act in a savvy way. By utilizing the tactics listed here, you can put a little extra money away and save it for, well… more shoes.


Briana Fabbri is head of marketing for NetCredit.