Try Our Monthly Budget Calculator!

Monthly Budget Calculator

If you’re in debt or trying to stay out of debt, a budget can help allocate expenses so you never spend more than you should.

Try using our budget calculator to add up monthly expenses and see how they compare against your after-tax income. It’s a great way to see if you need to reduce expenditures to meet your savings goals.

Net monthly household income (all sources) $
Regular Bills
Mortgage/rent $
HOA fees $
Water $
Electricity $
Gas $
Communication (phone, television, internet, etc.) $
Loan repayments $
Credit cards $
Groceries $
Clothes and shoes $
Furnishings and household items $
Health and personal services $
Home $
Auto $
Life and protection $
Other $
Car payments $
Gas $
Public transport $
Education $
Daycare/babysitter $
Dining out $
Entertainment (movies, sports games, etc.) $
Travel $
Miscellaneous $
Total Monthly Expenses $ Total Remaining Funds $
Category INCOME % $ TOTAL
Regular Bills $
Household $
Insurance $
Transportation $
Children $
Leisure $


Briana Fabbri is head of marketing for NetCredit.