Budget Thanksgiving Decorations


If you are hosting your family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner, you are probably investing quite a bit of cash in the meal. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, several types of pies- it adds up. At the end of the day, you may not have much left for actually, you know, decorating your house. Fear not. Thanksgiving decorations do not have to be expensive if you are willing to do a little work. Here are some great ideas for Thanksgiving decorations that won’t cost you a wing and a leg.

Kids’ Crafts

Hand turkeys. Construction paper pilgrim hats. Cornucopias drawn with crayon. Why not give your Thanksgiving feast a family feel with kids’ style decorations. If you have kids, let them create the decorations over the course of a crafternoon. If you’re having an adults only Thanksgiving, set up a table in the living room with kids’ crafts and let your friends make the decorations. They will have a ton of fun while re-living their childhoods.

Purchase Next Year’s Decorations the Week After Thanksgiving

If you plan on hosting future Thanksgivings, the best time to buy crafts is the week after the holiday is over. While your friends and Christmas-shopping, scour the aisles for discounted Thanksgiving décor that you’ll be able to buy for a song. Place it in storage, and take it out next Thanksgiving.

Make Dinner the Decoration

Each Thanksgiving, the meal is the star of the show. Why not use your food as your decoration? Instead of simply putting food into a bowl, put it into your nicest serving tray. Pretend you’re working at a four-star restaurant and lay it in as decorative a manner as is possible.

Regardless of how you decorate for Thanksgiving, remember that the most important things you’ll celebrate are friends and family. Oh, and maybe turkey.

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