Car Clubs Throughout the World

Car clubs are organizations that offer people with a common interest in motor vehicles an opportunity to interact with one another. Most car clubs can be organized by the type of vehicle, similar operational interest, or brand that the members are enthusiastic about. Most traditional car clubs are off-line. However, in recent years, online organizations have developed as well. To learn more about car organizations in specific locations, consult the links below.

International Clubs

Avanti Owners Association International: This club includes owners of Avantis from across the nations and celebrates the history and current usage of Avantis.

Cadillac and LaSalle Club: The Cadillac and LaSalle Club is a club founded to honor Cadillac and LaSalle vehicles. Anyone in the world can join, and ownership of a Cadillac or LaSalle is not required.

Classic Thunderbird Club International: This international organization was established over 50 years ago and currently supports 5500 members.

Packard’s International Motor Car Club: This organization promotes the restoration and usage of vintage cars in multiple countries.

Police Car Owners of America: The Police Car Owners of America is the only car club in the world dedicated to the celebration of owning a former police car. The club accepts members from all across the globe.

Pontiac-Oakland Club International: This international club welcomes Pontiac, Oakland, and GMC owners.

The Mustang Club of America: The Mustang Club of America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the celebration of all model years of Mustangs. Though its name indicates that it is an American club, it has members all across the globe.

The WPC Club: The WPC Club is the world’s largest car club dedicated to the restoration of Chrysler products. It currently serves members in North America and Europe.

Toyota Land Cruiser Association: The Toyota Land Cruiser Association recruits owners and enthusiasts from the United States and other countries.

North America

Jaguar Clubs of North America: The Jaguar Clubs of North America exist to unite individuals enthusiastic about driving and ownership of Jaguars.


Australian Automobile Association: The Australian Automobile Association represents the interests of all Australian motorists.

Classic and Historic Automobile Club of Australia: This club celebrates the history of Australian vehicles, as well as classic models.


Classic Car Club of Hong Kong: The Classic Car Club of Hong Kong invites Chinese members to unite in celebration of classic Chinese vehicles.


Federation Francaise des Vehicules d’Epoque: This organization allows French citizens to come together to restore and celebrate cars.

Great Britain

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs: This club exists to protect the rights of individuals who own older vehicles so that they can use them on the road without restrictions.

The Steam Car Club of Great Britain: This club is located in Great Britain and is dedicated to the restoration of steam cars.

The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain: This organization exists to celebrate all vehicles manufactured before 1918.


Irish Veteran and Vintage Car Club: This organization invites all Irish individuals interested in vintage cars. It currently supports 5100 members.

New Zealand

Vintage Car Club of New Zealand: This car club exists to celebrate the restoration and use of vintage vehicles.

United States

Alfa Romeo Owners Club: The Alfa Romeo Owners Club is a club dedicated to owners and drivers of Alfa Romeos in the United States.

Buick Club of America: The Buick Club of America is dedicated to the restoration of Buicks and is based on Columbus, OH.

Falcon Club of America: The Falcon Club of America exists to recognize the beauty of the Ford Falcon.

GTO Association of America: The GTO Association’s purpose is to protect and promote the use and restoration of the Pontiac GTO in America.

Lincoln and Continental Owners Club: This club was formed in 1953 in Dearborn Michigan and is dedicated to models by Lincoln and Continental.

Mercedes-Benz Club of America: The Mercedes-Benz Club of America is a community-oriented organization intended to celebrate the beauty of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Miata Owners Club: The Miata Owners Club is an organization that unites Miata owners and drivers.

Model A Restorers Club: The Model A Restorer Club is based in Michigan but serves members across the nation.

Oldsmobile Club of America: The Oldsmobile Club of America is a club established in 1971 that covers all areas of Oldsmobile collection.

Porsche Club of America: The Porsche Club of America celebrates the finer things in life, including the Porsche. It has currently has 139 chapters across the United States.

The Sport Car Club of America: Founded in 1944, the Sport Car Club of America exists to bring together all male and female sport car enthusiasts in the nation.

Veteran Motor Car Club of America: This organization exists to promote the restoration and preservation of unique and historically significant vehicles.

Vintage Volkswagen Club of America: Established in 1976, the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America seeks to preserve vintage Volkswagens.

Viper Club of America: The Viper Club America celebrates the Viper throughout history and today.

Volvo Club of America: The Volvo Club of America has chapters all across the nation and attracts members enthusiastic about Volvo products.


Mustang SVO Owners Network: This club is located in Southern California and celebrates the Mustang SVO.


Treasure Valley Mustang and Ford Club: The Treasure Valley Mustang and Ford Club is located in Boise. Founded in 1983, it celebrates all classic models of Mustangs and Fords.


20th Century Chevy: 20th Century Chevy is car club that has been active in Indiana for 42 years.

Vintage Rollers Car Club: The Vintage Rollers Car Club was established in Indiana in 1983 to celebrate all classic cars.



1958 Cadillac Owners Association: This club is located in Massachusetts and is dedicated to car enthusiasts that own the 1958 model Cadillac.


Washington County Street Rodders: The Washington County Street Rodders is a club in Pennsylvania founded in 1983 to celebrate hot-rods.


Knoxville Tennessee Volunteer Street Rod Association: This car club is located in Tennessee and invites all members interested in street rodding activities.


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