blog post about financial goals with photo of middle-aged couple sitting at a desk discussing paperwork

Resolutions, Tips and Tricks for a Financially Fit 2020

As we reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the future, our financial wellbeing is a natural place to gauge our successes and shortcomings. While money is certainly not the most important factor in life, it directly affects your quality of life, and in some ways, your happiness. […]

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A view of an upgraded living space with white chairs and a wood table

New Homeowner, Old Home: What You Need to Know

You have finally taken the leap and bought that beautiful old house. Now, the reality is beginning to set in as you’re faced with a myriad of challenges that come with an older abode.   Overhaul the House With Energy-Saving Fixes  Old homes are beautiful, but they are often far […]

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weekend productivity

How to Make the Most of Your Weekend

The weekend should be the time to relax and recharge after the workweek. Unfortunately, many of us squander our leisure days with habits and activities that leave us stressed and depleted come Sunday evening. To help you avoid wasting your weekend, we’ve gathered together four tips that can help you […]

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free budget templates

5 Free, Simple, Personal Monthly Budget Templates

Do you often find yourself living paycheck to paycheck or feel like you’re treading water financially? You’re not alone. In fact, only 30% of Americans have a long-term financial plan that includes savings and investment goals.1 Want to improve your financial health and start planning for the future? You can […]

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