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6 Steps to Take to Help You Get That Raise
April 9, 2014

6 Steps to Take to Help You Get That Raise

Tax season can often serve as a reminder of where you are in your financial career. If you happen to notice that several of your past tax returns list you at the same income level, it might be time to consider asking your boss for a raise. Before you start planning on how you’re going […]

by Briana Fabbri
What is COBRA?
November 22, 2013

What is COBRA?

  With talk of insurance and the Affordable Care Act dominating the news for the last several months, you may have heard others mention COBRA. Although it’s allows workers the ability to continue group health benefits under certain circumstances, it involves much more than that. What is COBRA? COBRA stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget […]

by Briana Fabbri
October 25, 2013

When Bad Credit Gets in the Way of Employment

Employers commonly use credit checks to get an objective view of job candidates. While this practice is legal according to the federal government, as many have found, employer credit checks can be debilitating to those in desperate need of a job. Employer credit checks are commonly associated with jobs at the executive level or within […]

by Briana Fabbri
Employer Credit Checks
October 18, 2013

Employer Credit Checks: Know Your Rights

You know that bad credit can damage your ability to buy a home or get a loan, but for many Americans, a less-than-perfect credit report also looms when it comes to securing a new job. According to federal law, potential and current employers are allowed to check a candidate or employee’s credit report. That being […]

by Briana Fabbri
Personal Finance in School
October 9, 2013

5 Ways To Improve Personal Finance Education In Schools

As any parent or teacher knows, the sooner you introduce a young person to a concept – be it math, manners or foreign language – the more opportunities they have to grab hold and learn. The same is undoubtedly true in the realm of personal finance. According to a report from the Council for Economic […]

by Briana Fabbri
Gender Wage Gap
August 7, 2013

How Women Can Earn More Despite the Widening Wage Gap

Earlier this month we talked about new “breadwinner moms” – a group made up of one part well-off, married mothers and one part single moms hovering just slightly over the poverty threshold. But how are women in general fairing in terms of wages as compared to their male counterparts? Let’s take a look at the […]

by Briana Fabbri
Breadwinner Mom
July 24, 2013

New ‘Breadwinner Moms’ Aren’t Necessarily Well-Off

Between recent headlines about the new “breadwinner moms” and the rise of two powerful working moms in the tech industry (Yahoo!’s Marissa Mayer and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg), it appears that earning power and financial status might be changing course for the American mom. Before we mark this transition down in history, however, let’s take a […]

by Briana Fabbri
Overqualified Grads
May 10, 2013

Half of College Grads Are Overqualified for Their Jobs

College degrees certainly aren’t dropping in price, but are they declining in value? Many Americans consider a college degree to be the ultimate door to opportunity: a well-rounded education, a good job, and, ultimately, a comfortable income. Sure, someone with a bachelor’s degree earns an average of 1.6 times more than someone who only possesses […]

by Briana Fabbri
College Cost
May 1, 2013

The Cost of Secondary Education

A college degree not only increases your chances of being employed, it significantly boosts your weekly take-home pay. In 2012, someone with a high school diploma earned an average of $652 per week, while someone with a bachelor’s degree earned 1.6 times more, at an average of $1,066 per week. A degree makes an even […]

by Briana Fabbri
Credit Score Employment
August 29, 2012

Can Bad Credit Hurt Your Chances Of Getting A Job?

  Bad credit has always had a significant impact on your financial eligibility for mortgages, car loans, credit cards and personal loans. But today, your credit score may play a bigger role than ever before in your job search as well. According to a 2010 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, 13% of […]

by Briana Fabbri

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