How to Camp Comfortably without Breaking the Bank


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It’s National Camping Month, making it a great time for you and your family to give this rustic pastime a try. In order to properly embrace the great outdoors, you might think that you need to need to dig deep and spend big. With the wide variety of campgrounds available, and the variety of accommodations available, families and individuals can afford to camp comfortably without spending a lot. We spoke with two camping experts to get the details.

“Camping is great because all you really need is a tent and some sleeping bags to get started,” Jennifer Schwartz, vice president of marketing for the Association of RVs and Campgrounds details. “Camping is one of the most affordable travel options out there and it has a low required investment. Average nightly rates start around $45/night for a full hookup RV site and $25/night for tent sites with access to full amenities and services. However, you don’t necessarily have to own your own equipment. For example, you can rent a fully-stocked RV or you can try cabin, park model or yurt rentals, all of which can also be fully appointed with bedding, towels and kitchen cooking and eating essentials.”

Kevin Turner, General Manager, Shasta Recreation Company, has some of these facilities available at some of the campgrounds his company oversees. “We have a few different options that allow people to camp without the burden of having to purchase a tent then needing to figure out how to put it up. On Shasta Lake, we have three yurts. These units are non-electric shelters that come with a bunk bed and a futon-style folding bed. With this option, it allows campers to only bring a sleeping bag and food in order to enjoy their camping experience.”

“Glamping” can also be achieved on a budget. “We are debuting six ‘Glamping’ units this season at one of our campgrounds on Lewiston Lake,” Turner details. “These units allow our guests to show up with only their clothes and food. These are equipped with a queen-size bed as well as all the linens and a down comforter. Both of these units are a great value for the first time camper, as well as the busy campers that are trying to spend as much time enjoying the outdoors instead of wasting their valuable time setting up tents.

Whatever your needs, you can find a camping option and site that fits your budget. lets you search RV parks and campgrounds across the country by destination and/or amenities as well as compare which campgrounds best meet your needs.

Schwartz also points out that there are a variety of options available for a variety of budgets:

  • Family-friendly destinations offer affordable rates and provide kids’ activities, arcades and game rooms and full service amenities like Wi-Fi, TV, convenience stores, restaurants, pools, playgrounds, bath and shower facilities, and laundromats.
  • Private RV parks offer a variety of experiences and accommodations and open up camping to a much broader audience.
  • Adult-only parks offer quiet, relaxing environments with specialized activities like exercise programs and cooking classes.
  • Upscale parks offer premium services and unique accommodations like tree houses and yurts, and activities like fitness centers, spas, wine tastings, massage services and excursion bookings located in prime locations (e.g. oceanfront, close proximity to major destinations).
  • Rustic getaways feature natural environments and private camping spots in close proximity to forest and water access. They offer activities like hiking, fishing and boating so campers can immerse themselves in a true outdoor experience.

Whatever your needs, you can find exactly what you need with a bit of research, all in time to celebrate National Camping Month.


Briana Fabbri is head of marketing for NetCredit.