How to Choose a Hobby




You work full-time. You do chores. You run errands. Life can seem tedious and repetitive. One way to break the “all work, no play” cycle is by choosing a hobby. Many people find hobbies while they’re in high school or college and carry them on to adulthood. If you are an adult looking for a new hobby, here are some things to consider.

1.    Choose a hobby that fits your budget.

Building model trains is fun, but it can be expensive. Many hobbies are expensive. If you’re looking for a hobby, remember how much money you have to spend. If you don’t have a ton of extra cash, consider a simple, inexpensive hobby like jogging, writing poetry, or drawing.

2.    Consider how much time you have.

Just like money, time is something that many people have in short supply. Some hobbies are more time-intensive than others, but not every hobby takes hours and hours each week. Simple hobbies like knitting or reading mysteries can be done in just a few minutes each day or even on your lunch break from work.

3.    Try lots of different things.

Sometimes it’s tough to tell what hobby will ignite your passions. Try many different things to find something that truly engages you. If you had games you loved as a child, try to find hobbies that are similar. If you loved playing basketball growing up, join an adult recreation league.

4.    Get a hobby buddy.

Find a friend who’s also looking for a hobby. If you find something you both enjoy, you can work on your hobby together. By choosing a hobby buddy, you make a potential hobby more engaging by sharing it with someone else.

5.    Find a community online.

Nearly every passion has a community. Many of these communities can be found online. Message boards, social networks, and websites can provide you with support materials and advice on whatever hobby you choose.

When you do find a hobby, enjoy it. Hobbies can be a great respite from a busy, sometimes boring daily grind.



Briana Fabbri is a personal lending expert and knows the benefits of great budgeting. She currently works as Head of UK Business for Enova International.