How to Save Money on Your Cellphone Bill


As more people switch from landlines to cellphones only, cellphone bills start to take up more of their budget. It is possible with the right planning to save money on your cellphone bill that would be better spent on other services or put into the bank. What are some ways that you can save money on your cellphone bill right now?

We got some great tips from Andrea Eldridge, CEO and Co-founder of Nerds On-Call, a computer and laptop repair service.

Avoid using your data plan: Stick to Wi-Fi. It’s hard to resist surfing the Internet while you’re sitting in the doctor’s office, but if you’re not hooked up to Wi-Fi, those minutes can add up fast. Try to make sure you’re always connected to Wi-Fi, and turn off apps that switch to the phone network when Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Use mobile-to-mobile calling. Providers like Skype have applications for mobile-to-mobile calling for a small monthly fee, and video isn’t required. Use them as often as you can on your mobile device when you’re connected to Wi-Fi and save minutes with your mobile service provider.

Use messenger apps instead of text-messaging. We all love our texting but charges can add up fast. Disable automatic text alerts from social media and consider using a free texting app instead of texting through your service provider. If you’re Facebook friends, you can download and use Facebook’s free Messenger app.. You don’t even have to exchange phone numbers that way.

Review your bill. Review your bill every month and make a note of the small charges that weasel their way on, including app charges. Make sure to cancel the additional “services” and contact your service provider to have any unfounded charges reversed.

If you do just a little bit of management of your cellphone bills, you can save a lot of money in the long-term.

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