Little League for Less



Little League remains a fond memory for countless former Little League Baseball and softball players, but it’s also a period that probably caused some strain on their parents’ bank accounts. Getting involved in any kind of organized sport comes with some cost, and the same is true for Little League. Fortunately, there are some ways to offset those costs; you just have to be aware of them. We spoke with experienced Little Leaguers to get their best tips to help participate in Little League for less.


Look for used bats

Bob Bentz, a seasoned Little League, travel baseball and American Legion ball coach, recommends looking for used equipment. “Younger players need to buy new bats at least every other year as they grow into larger bats. Make friends with the older players’ parents and buy their used bats that they won’t be using anymore.”


Save money on used catchers’ gear

Bentz says the same can be said of catchers’ gear. “If your son or daughter is a catcher you will have the highest expenses. Kids grow out of it. You can get it from an older player or buy used equipment on eBay.”


Seek out lost balls

When you get done practicing out on the field, you might want to spend some extra time looking around. “You’ll want to encourage your Little Leaguer to practice on his or her own,” Bentz says. “And you can find lots of used baseballs at some fields where foul balls fly into the woods. If the balls are wet, put them in Kitty Litter to dry them out.”


Look for sponsorship opportunities

In addition to saving money on a personal level, Nolan Thompson, Co-Founder of HeadFunder and former Little Leaguer, suggests looking for some outside help to offset costs. “Try to get sponsored by a sporting goods store. They love the marketing they get from helping Little League ballplayers get the proper gear to protect themselves during the game. It takes a little work, but if it mutually benefits both the Little League and the sporting goods store, it will help keep costs low.”


Consider crowdfunding

“Doing a crowdfunding campaign can help as well,” Thompson continues. “This gets the entire local Little League community to join forces and combine funds to get the proper equipment for their ballplayers. Crowdfunding keeps the costs low for each individual person since they are all working together to reach the goal.”





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