Strategies to Save Money on a Laptop




It’s nearly impossible to function in society nowadays without a personal computer. A computer is a workstation, an entertainment console, and a file system all rolled into one. You use your computer to do your taxes, to socialize with your friends online, to plan your vacations. Using a computer is a necessity for just about everything you do. As computers have become more common, prices have gone down, but buying a new computer can still be very expensive. What are some techniques to save money on a new laptop?

Shop Around

Just like cars, and TVs, it pays to shop around when you want to buy a laptop. According to Nick Swan of CouponCodesPro, “We’d always recommend you shop around before you choose to purchase a
laptop – don’t just shop around for the best laptop out there, but shop
around for the best deals out there too. Laptops aren’t cheap, so any money
you can save is worth the time spent comparing deals.”

Refurbished Models are a Great Deal 

Sometimes “as good as new “ is just as good or even better than actually new. When you buy a laptop, consider a refurbished model. According to Upromise by Sallie Mae, a program that earns students cash back for college, “Many times, a refurbished model can operate just like new! Understand the pros and cons of buying used—but if you’re tight on cash, this could be a great option for you.”

Wait Till Retailers Clear Out Old Inventory 

Sometimes, last year’s model can be your best friend. Harrine Freeman, the CEO and Owner of H.E. Freeman Enterprises, says “Buy a laptop in April, September, October, November; dealers announce new
models and want to clear out old inventory.” Usually, a model that’s only a year old will be nearly as good as the latest model, and will save you money.

Most importantly when you’re in the market for a new computer, make sure to invest in a model that will meet your needs long-term. A good laptop should last 4 to 6 years before it needs to be replaced. Make a budget and get the model with the most processing storage power you can on the budget. It may make sense to forgo extra bells and whistles in favor of raw power. A computer that lasts will save you money in the long run.



Briana Fabbri is head of marketing for NetCredit.