Tips for Winterizing Your Home



The days are getting darker and colder and in many places, there’s already snow on the ground. If you have an older home, winter winds and cold temperatures can make this time of year truly unbearable. However, if you plan ahead, there are steps you can take to winterize your home. If you have not already done so, the time has come to winterize your home. Winterizing your home is, in itself, a way to save money over the winter. Heating bills can take a huge bite out of your personal finances and keeping your gas or electric bill as low as possible in the winter is a real challenge. Here are some things you need to do to stay warm this winter that won’t bust your budget.

Winterize Your Home

Will Hawkins the CEO of All Pro Heating and Cooling had these tips:

1. Switch the ceiling fans to clockwise. This way it will push any warm air
near the ceiling back to the floor.

2. If you have a central air and heating unit, replace the filters
regularly to allow the system to run more efficiently.

3. Draft Guards and weather stripping are your friend. Be sure to prevent
any air escaping from your home underneath the doors or gaps near your

These are simple steps that will not cost you a lot of money. Also, if you have older windows that don’t keep the wind out, look into placing plastic over them. Your local hardware store should have kits that include plastic, and tape. It doesn’t look pretty but sealing up your windows before it gets cold is a great way of keeping the cold out and your heating bill low.

If you take these low-cost steps now, you can stay warm AND keep your bills down. You’ll thank yourself in February when you are nice and toasty and have a little extra money to put towards takeout.


Briana Fabbri is head of marketing for NetCredit.