10 Summer Activities Under $10


Frugal Summer FunThe summer is the ideal time to be outdoors, hang out with family or friends, and eat some delicious food! However, it’s important to maintain your budget while participating in all of the summer fun. We have selected our ten favorite summer activities under $10 — check them out!

1. Potluck BBQ 

Kick-start your summer fun with a potluck BBQ! Gather all your family and friends and ask them to whip up their signature dishes. As for the location, feel free to invite them to your home, the beach or even a local park. This is an inexpensive way to gather everyone you love and eat some delicious food.

2. Dog Park

Whether or not you have a dog, you can still head to your local dog park! Run around with Fido for a few hours and enjoy the summer breeze. This is a free activity, but why not purchase some treats for your furry friends? Just be sure to ask their parents before giving it to them.

3. Minor League Baseball Game

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd… you know the rest! Round up your family or friends and go out to a minor league ball game this summer (if there are no minor league teams in the area, check out college teams). Tickets are cheap and ballpark snacks are tasty — what more could you ask for?

4. Sunset Dessert Picnic

What’s better than enjoying a delicious dessert while watching the sunset? We can’t think of anything! This summer, head to the beach or a local park with your loved one and enjoy a dessert for two. If you have the time and the cooking skills, prepare a delectable dessert at home!

5. Matinee Movie

Are you familiar with the phrase, “the early bird gets the worm”? In the case of movie theaters, this is especially true! The majority of venues have a special discounted price for the first showing of the day. So if you and your friends have been pining to see the newest superhero flick, you’re in luck! Purchase a ticket and some popcorn — it will definitely be under $10.

6. Free Museum Day

Art, history or photography — it doesn’t matter, it’s fun and it’s free! During the summer, many museums have a designated free admission day. Do some research and find an exhibit that piques your interest. Pack a brown bag lunch at home and head to the museum you selected! Bonus points if you can go to a museum on a hot day to cool off!

7. County or State Fair

This is a must-do every summer. Do some research and find the closest county or state fair. Entry for most of these events is free, and they feature the tastiest food, beverages, rides and even farm animals in your area! Round up your family and friends and make a day out of it.

8. Go Hiking

For some individuals, exercise isn’t exactly a summer activity they want to engage in. However, hiking is the perfect combination of sightseeing and cardio! Research some popular parks or peaks in your area and head out hiking for the afternoon. Don’t forget your camera!

9. Miniature Golf

Who is interested in some putt putt? This old favorite is not only an enjoyable activity, it’s extremely cheap! So gather your family, friends or a date and find a miniature golf course near you. Play 18 holes and enjoy a snack! Bonus points if you find a miniature golf course that has an arcade!

10. Outdoor Concert

Do you love live music? Who doesn’t! Most major cities have outdoor concerts throughout the summer. So load up the car with a picnic, blankets and your family or friends and head to the show!


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