10 Car Hacks

Hacks for Your Car

Drivers log an average of 13,476 miles every year. That’s 37 miles a day!1 Somewhere between all of that asphalt, harsh weather, bugs on your windshield and wrappers on your floorboards — your trusty car starts to look and feel the journeys on its exterior and interior. To make your driving experience more enjoyable (and to give your ride some love), try out these awesome car hacks!

1. Cloudy Headlights

Are your headlights not shining as bright as they once did? The simple solution for that is toothpaste (especially whitening toothpaste). All you need to do is apply toothpaste to a cloth and rub it on the lens. Rinse with water and check out your bright lights!

2. No Cup Holder?

Some cars don’t have cup holders. I know it sounds like a lie, but it’s true! If you’re trying to figure out a crafty place to hold your beverage while you drive — use your shoe! Place your shoe on your seat or by the gearshift and put your drink inside of it.

3. Key Ring Complications

We all know the pain on our fingernails when we try to slide a new key or accessory on your key ring. Did you know you could avoid that discomfort with a staple remover? Use the prongs to hold your key ring open and arrange your keys!

4. Door Dinger

How many times a week do you ding your car door on the wall of your garage? Save your door the damage and put some padding on the spot you always hit. All you need to do is purchase a pool noodle, cut it in half and tape it to the wall.

5. Parking Problems?

We’ve all been there before. We’re in a rush, we park, we go do what we need to and then completely forget where we the car is. Luckily for us, there’s an app for that! Avoid losing your car by downloading the iParkedHere app.

6. Rubber Band Revolution!

Have you seen those hi-tech phone holders online? What if we told you could make one for free? All you need to do is thread a rubber band through your air conditioning vent for a makeshift phone holder. Boom!

7. Cracked Windshield

Slow the cracking in your windshield by painting over it with clear nail polish (on the inside and outside of the car).

8. Gas Gauge

When you pull up at the gas station, do you second-guess which side your gas gauge is on? Hint: If your dashboard shows ‘E’ on the left side of your car, your gauge is on the left. If it shows ‘E’ to the right, it’s on the right!

9. Trash Can

We always forget to throw away the trash on our floorboards. But since we spend so much time in our cars, why don’t we have a trashcan in there?! Convert a reusable cereal container to a trashcan today!

10. Loose Change

Speaking of messy floorboards, you probably have at least $5 in change on the floor of your car. Keep it organized and put your spare change in an empty pill bottle. Those quarters are going to come in handy for the parking meters!


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