5 Ways to Save Around the Holidays


5 Ways to Save Around the Holidays

The holidays are a time to celebrate with loved ones around food, festivities and fun. By the end of the season, we often feel the after effects on our stomachs — and our wallets! Thankfully, there are many ways to celebrate the season without overspending. Below, we offer you five creative ways you can save around the holidays — giving us even more reason to celebrate!

1. Host a Potluck

If you get put in charge of hosting this year’s holiday meal, propose a potluck! Simply ask guests to bring along an appetizer, main dish, dessert or beverages to fill your table with a spectacular spread without overspending!

To properly plan, email guests a list of items they are going to be responsible for so there are no overlaps! You’ll end up with all the fixings for a great holiday meal!

2. DIY

Get creative with your gifts and decorations this year by trying your hand at DIY. Instead of purchasing pricy presents (say that five times fast), opt for homemade gifts like baked cookies, decorative picture frames, knitted scarfs, etc. There are a number of online tutorials available and your recipients will appreciate all the hard work and thought you put into their creatively concocted crafts (now say that five times fast).

3. Shop Smart 

  • Deals: If you start researching and shopping early enough, you can score some awesome holiday deals. Retailers love to promote holiday sales early in the season, so beat the rush to save big!
  • Shop Online: Shopping online around the holidays is a good idea for a few reasons. First, there are a ton of promotional discount codes offered for shopping online at almost any store. Aside from the savings alone, you might be eligible for free shipping or further discounts based on the amount you spend. Plus, by skipping retail stores, you’ll be less tempted by other goods and refrain from overspending on things you don’t need!
  • Use Cash: Go old fashioned and use cash over credit card this holiday season! There’s a certain restraint you hold yourself to when handing over $20 and $50 bills, rather than swiping a credit card with an intangible amount. By using cash, you’ll spend less and be more aware of exactly what you have purchased.
  • Second Hand: Instead of splurging on holiday decorations, search for your wreathes and ribbon at secondhand stores or garage sales. Many times people get rid of their unused décor only to have it go to waste. Save money by searching in smart places!

4. Borrow

Don’t feel like spending a ton of money on your holiday dress or suit? Borrow from a friend! Find a friend with similar taste and save yourself from splurging on items you may only get the chance to wear once or twice! Since these items are typically expensive, you’ll end up saving a bundle!

5. Free Holiday Activities

 There are a ton of fun events and festivities around the holidays. Unfortunately, some of these things can get costly! Instead of splurging on the theatre or expensive entertainment, find cheap or free holiday activities. Since spending time with family and friends is really all that matters during the holidays, get creative and have fun baking cookies, ice skating, touring neighborhood holiday lights, caroling, sledding or building a snowman!



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