8 Unusual Ways to Earn Money


In a Pinch? Cash In.

What do you do when you’re late on your rent, car payment or credit card bill? If you’ve exhausted all your primary financial resources, how do you cover your expenses? There are times when your income just isn’t enough. In the event that you find yourself in such a situation, it may be in your best interest to consider some non-traditional ways to earn extra cash.

1. Working Temp Jobs

Similar to freelancing (but generally less specialized), you can apply to become a temp worker. While you’re searching for full-time employment or a better-paying gig, there are job sites dedicated to finding people temporary work. Temp work is a great opportunity to supplement your income and get experience in different fields.

2. Using Smartphone Apps1

If you own a smartphone, there are several free apps you can install to make money. A few of them include:

• Mobee: Available for Apple and Android phones, Mobee pays you to become a mystery shopper. Create an account, then open up the map and see what “missions” are available in your area. Earn anything from 150 to 3000 points per mission (or $1.50 to $30).

• TaskRabbit: Available for Apple and Android devices, TaskRabbit allows you to get paid for services that save people time, such as: running errands, going shopping, or doing chores. It’s a great way to earn income in your spare time, since the base pay is more than double minimum wage and can reach up to $34 per hour for simple home repairs and moving help.

• SlideJoy: Available only for Android phones, this app turns your phone’s lock screen into an advertising platform. It exposes you to relevant ads in exchange for a small amount of money each time you view one. You can expect to make about $5 – $10 per month (depending on how many times you check your phone).

3. Driving For Uber Or Lyft

Uber and Lyft match automobile drivers with passengers who request rides through smartphone apps, and passengers pay automatically through the app. Drivers have the flexibility to drive any time during operating hours, and choose the areas they work and rides they give. If your automobile and driving record is approved, this would allow you to consistently make some pretty good money.

4. Pedicabbing

While mobile technology is combining with automobile technology to create the services mentioned above, you can also transport people in something of a more primitive way — by bike! Bicycle taxis, known as pedicabs or rickshaws, are used in many cities around the world to provide a fun and eco-friendly way for people to travel relatively short distances.

Pedicab operations are regulated in many major cities, with each city having its own barriers for entry and rules to comply with. By researching the pedicab industry in your city, or creating one, you can make a good amount of cash and get a great workout in at the same time.

5. Child Care

Do you have free time before or after work or on the weekends — and an affinity for children? Why not become a child care provider? There are countless families and a multitude of agencies seeking individuals to look after children, at times that are convenient for someone looking for multiple sources of income.

6. Caring for Animals

If child care isn’t so much your cup of tea, perhaps animal care is. Between pet-sitting and dog-walking, opportunities to make money by taking care of animals are often abundant.

7. Selling Stuff Online (Or At Home!)

Maybe you can’t find any scrap metal, but you do have other items of value. Why don’t you take to online resources such as Craigslist and eBay to make a quick buck?

Or, if you have a good amount of lesser-value items, a good old-fashioned yard/garage sale can be a great way to rake in some cash in exchange for unwanted belongings.

8. Participating in Market Research

There are a host of market research companies that will pay you for your participation in research studies — both online and in-person. Many of the in-person consumer-oriented companies will reward you generously for just a few hours of participation.


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