Seven Ways to Make a Small Apartment Feel Roomier

Affordable Tricks to Make a Tiny Apartment Look Bigger

There’s nothing easy about moving; it’s one of life’s most stressful events for good reason. But if you’re scaling down your space, you might also have to re-think your whole approach to designing, arranging and setting up your home. Small living spaces can make it hard to fully relax and […]

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7 Historic Homes You Can Tour for Under $20

Historic American Home Tours That are Worth a Trip

You can learn a lot about your friends and family by visiting their house, from the décor, art and possessions they hold dear to the neighborhood and type of home they choose to live in. While you can’t judge a book by its cover, it’s interesting to see more facets […]

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4 Techniques for a Healthier Work-Life Balance

How to De-Stress and Find a Better Work-Life Balance

Americans (really) need to find more effective ways to manage a healthier work-life balance. According to a recent study of full-time workers conducted by Gallup, roughly two thirds of all respondents experienced some form of workplace burnout, ranging from sometimes to all of the time.1 Worst of all, this job […]

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9 Soft Skills to Master for Your Next Promotion

In-Demand Soft Skills to Help You Get to Your Next Promotion

In a construction worker’s job, their hard skills refer to specific, concrete and technical abilities, such as the ability to drive and operate a forklift and crane. But the soft skills of a construction worker, like effective time management, stamina and level-headedness, are harder to define or even learn in […]

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tips for commuting

$30 and Under Car Accessories to Make Your Commute Smoother

A recent study suggests that fewer Americans used a vehicle to commute to work in 2018 when compared to data from 2007 — but the vast majority of U.S. workers still rely on this method as their primary means of transportation.1 While remote employment continues to grow in popularity, only […]

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