Easy Fall Home Décor on a Budget

If you’re starting to feel the excitement of the holidays arriving with cooler weather, you aren’t alone. Soon, family parties, from close-knit gatherings to Zoom holiday gatherings, will be the norm. However, if you find yourself looking around your house, scratching your head at the lack of design or fall/holiday-themed decor, that’s perfectly natural. Even though this year has been quite unique, there’s still time for you to give your house a fall redesign on a budget. Whether you have a great eye for design or just need to spice things up for the fall season or to help yourself gear up for the holidays, there are dozens of options out there. Since everyone deserves a festive house, we’ll walk through a few ways you can liven up your living spaces, from simple decorations to room makeovers!


1. Redesign Your Living Room

When it comes to rooms in your house, your living room is one of the most utilized spaces you have. Coupled with our working from home landscape, and that time increases even more so. From lounging, watching movies, and entertaining guests, your living room gets a lot of usage. Due to it being a high traffic area, you will most likely take extra time making sure it is always clean, up to your standards, and current with the season.

Most people think they need to spend thousands to have a fully renovated living room, from new flooring to shelving, furniture, and everything in between, but that simply isn’t the case. Simple additions like fun lighting, or easy decor can transform your room quickly and affordably! Small, holiday-themed changes now can help you save up down the road for bigger purchases like budget-friendly couches or a larger remodel. You’ll be surprised how much small additions can make your living spaces pop!


2. Bring Nature Inside

If you’re looking for some design inspiration for inside during the fall season, you don’t have to look far. Sometimes it can be as simple as peering out your window at the changing leaf colors and feeling the cooler, crisp air. Luckily for you, there are tons of DIY ways to decorate with nature at a low cost. For example, you could collect bright, vibrant-colored fallen leaves and fill them in a vase, or bring in fall essentials like pumpkins and gourds. Decorating with nature not only offers cozy design elements, but is also a great alternative to shopping pricey seasonal cash grabs.

Another positive of decorating with nature is that you can make a day of being outside as opposed to shopping in a store or inside on your laptop on a beautiful weekend. Take the time to plan a weekend getaway or road trip and visit a local pumpkin patch or apple orchard to pick up some curated goods and help inspire your inside redesign.


3. Add Simple Touches

Finally, add in little touches of color to complete the look and compliment the other changes you made around the house. This can be as simple as lighting a number of fall-inspired candles to give your house a cozy smell or changing the dish towels to something more fall-themed with a pop of orange. Another addition you can make to enhance the fall-themed decor in your home, and also offer yourself a tasty treat, is to include a few bowls around the house filled with popular trick-or-treating candies. Other simple touches you can add include: new pillow covers, decorating with baskets and orange Christmas lights to offer a Halloween hue when your main lights are off.


As you can see, decorating for fall doesn’t have to break the bank. Many of these are likely items you have around the house or can find outside at a low cost. Decorating on a tight budget can push you to be creative and resourceful, you may just become hooked on it! Feel free to design any way you want and add any additional touches you feel will help you enjoy your home. Just remember though, fall only lasts a few weeks, so make sure you save some creative inspiration for the festive holiday season as winter rolls around!


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