5 Tips to Save Money on Veggies at the Grocery Store



Everyone wants to eat healthy and vegetables are a great healthy staple of a good diet. Canned vegetables may not taste as good as fresh produce, but they are often less expensive.  Fresh food tastes better and is better for your family’s health than canned food. It IS possible to eat fresh healthy food without spending your whole paycheck. Here are some tips to save you money on fresh produce.

Save on Organic Produce

Teri Gault, CEO of the Grocery Game had some great tips. First, Teri said that sometimes, organic produce is actually be cheaper than conventional produce. “Always check organic prices. Sometimes, organic is on sale, when conventional is not, making the organic cheaper that particular week. It’s not uncommon for something like regular broccoli at $1.69/lb (not on sale) to cost more when organic broccoli is on sale for 99 cents/lb.”

Dollar Stores

Teri also recommends checking out an unconventional source for fresh produce: your local dollar store.  “Some dollar stores have amazing deals on lettuce, even 3 heads of artisan lettuce for a dollar.” Make the Dollar Store a stop on your weekly grocery run and save money on lettuce and more.

Club Stores: Not Always Your Best Bet

Contrary to popular belief, club stores like Sam’s Club and Costco aren’t always your best source for savings. “Contrary to popular belief, warehouse club stores are not always cheapest on produce. Supermarkets have loss leader sales on produce that’s in season, while club stores don’t reduce pricing exponentially for seasonal savings. Compare to sales circulars before you pay $2.29 a pound for tomatoes that are on sale for 99 cents a pound at your grocer.” Teri says.

Shop Late

Produce sellers often need to clear out their fresh produce before it spoils, so Teri says: shop late “Go to Farmers’ markets near closing time. The selection may be sparser, but you can still find beautiful fruits and veggies, and sellers are willing to negotiate, or slash their prices.”

Overall, eating fresh, healthy produce does not mean going broke. Follow these tips, and enjoy what will surely be your salad days.

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