Save Money on Your Next Overseas Trip



We all want to see the world but travel is expensive. Flights, hotel rooms, even meals can cost you an arm and possibly a leg as well. Nowadays, even your cellphone can add to the cost of a trip as data coverage and roaming phone charges accumulate overseas. What are some techniques to save money the next time you travel abroad?


Joanan Hernandes founded Mollejuo, a Motreal-based company that makes a mobile platform to help guide travelers through cities they may not be familiar with. Joanan had these tips:


Go Grocery Shopping.


Restaurants are expensive, and frequently cater to what tourists expect instead of what people in an area actually eat. “Instead of dining out everyday, use local supermarkets. It gives you a
chance to learn more about the local culture, and you’ll save a few bucks.” Says Joanan. Making your own meals abroad can save you money and teach you about local ingredients. Eat like a local on your next trip.


Take the Train or the Bus.


Joanan recommends using public transit. “Normally moving in a city using the metro is faster and more
efficient, again, it gives you a chance to interact with the real local
culture.” Subways and busses are almost always cheaper than renting a car, or taking taxicabs from place to place.


Buy a Local SIM Card.


Roaming charges can rack up very quickly abroad. “If you have an unlocked phone, buy a local SIM card. This will help you to
stay connected, enjoy the wonder of connections without the expensive
roaming charges. “ says Joanan. It also helps to limit data use abroad to local wifi networks if available. Seek out coffee shops and other locations that offer free wifi.


Finally, a little planning can go a long way. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it while your abroad to maximize your dollars while you travel.


Remember when you travel, you can see the world without throwing away your life savings. Plan your trip, stick to a budget, and follow the tips above to save money on your next overseas vacation.

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