Saving Money On Your Morning Cup of Joe


The math is simple-most coffeehouses charge anywhere from $2.00-$3.00 per 20oz coffee. That’s $50.00-$75.00 a month! Here are some tips to help you save on that sweet brown nectar you long for every morning:

  • Buy a coffee machine
  • This sounds like a no-brainer, but investing in a good coffee maker will save you a lot in the long run. Nowadays you can often find machines with such conveniences as built-in coffee bean grinders and timed brewing so it’s ready when you stumble to the kitchen for that 5:00 AM cup o’ joe.
  • Froth for yourself
  • Think you need a fancy machine to make a latte? Think again. You can find inexpensive milk frothers for under the $10.00 mark. Both convenient and money savvy.
  • Make coffee Ice cubes

The summer heat makes us seek alternative caffeine fixes, which is why you might be tempted to go to the coffee shop to grab a refreshing iced version of the beverage. Brew your coffee and pour into ice molds. That way, you have something to throw in your morning coffee to cool it down without making it watery.

Flavor your own coffee

Like your coffee flavored? try adding different combinations of spices, dried fruits, rinds or nuts to your coffee. You can even add different liquid extracts like peppermint or vanilla.

Capsule coffee makers: just say no

Convenient, yes, but both you and the environment will be spared from the extra cost. Not only are coffee capsules expensive, but they also produce a lot of waste. Being green saves green!

Join a coffee bean club

Several premium coffee roasters will have coffee clubs you can join each month. For a low monthly price, you will receive bulk quality beans for a lower price.

Multipurpose your grounds

You can save half of your coffee grounds and add freshly ground beans to the mix for your next pot of coffee. You may need to adjust to your personal taste, but it’s still a great way to reduce the amount you need for a fresh pot each morning.  And what about the other half? It turns out that you can use the rest of those grounds for fertilizer, ant repellant and freezer/refrigerator deodorizer.

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