Tips to Save Money on Common Valentine’s Day Gifts


Valentine’s Day can get really involved as you may end up buying candy, flowers, jewelry, stuffed animals, wine, and of course a night on the town. The cost of a Valentine’s Day date can add up very quickly. It is possible to save money on Valentine’s Day without looking cheap, if you have a plan.


Saving money on candy. The cost of purchasing candy goes up when you put that candy in a heart-shaped box. Try getting non-Valentine’s day chocolates for your sweetheart. Still get higher-end candy, but don’t go for the Valentine’s Day packaging.


Saving money on flowers. This one is pretty easy. Just don’t get roses. Florists charge extra for roses around Valentine’s Day, but you should be able to find great deals on tulips, lilacs, and a ton of other beautiful flowers that your Valentine will adore.


Saving money on a night out. If you do it right, a night at home can be even more romantic than a night on the town. Take your Valentine to your place, and cook them a meal yourself. Set candles on your dining room table, put on some romantic music, and voila! A romantic evening that doesn’t involve paying crazy prices at a restaurant.


Saving money on jewelry. Jewelry is tricky because unlike the other items listed here, it’s basically always expensive. One trick to saving money on jewelry- try to find out if the person you are buying for really likes a less-expensive precious stone. Many people love diamonds but it’s possible your Valentine has an eye for a less expensive stone like amethyst or citrine. Less expensive gems are often beautiful, and for some people preferred over their more costly brethren.


So you see, Valentine’s Day can be romantic without putting you into debt. With a little planning, a little compromise, and these tips, you should be able to have a great Valentine’s Day.


Briana Fabbri is head of marketing for NetCredit.