Three Online Tools for Managing Student Loan Repayment

Student Debt Management

From Perkins to PLUS and private lenders, student loan repayment can be a tricky landscape to navigate. And with more than 37 million student loan borrowers in the U.S. today, many are often left wondering how much they owe, who they owe it to, and when those payments are due.

While the student loan repayment process will likely never be completely painless, there are a handful of free web applications that have made it their mission to streamline the student debt repayment process.

To avoid the flurry of financial paperwork that can come with student loan repayment, check out, Student Loan Hero and LoanLook, three web applications for managing student loan payments. These tools gather all of your student loan payments into one sleek, visual dashboard – think, but specifically for student loan debt. As always, remember that you should thoroughly research an application’s privacy policy before disclosing any personal or financial information.

Created by a recent graduate frustrated with the loan repayment process, helps debtors step back and get organized.

To get started with, users can input all student loans (including both public and private) and analyze that information through graphical representations of debt load, monthly payments and interest rates. From there, users can figure out which repayment programs they’re eligible for and create their own custom repayment plans.

Best of all, is a free service and both mobile and desktop versions of the tool are available.

Student Loan Hero

Student Loan Hero offers a set of free tools for organizing student loan debt. Users are invited to enter login credentials from loan providers in order to sync all student debt into a single dashboard. Users can then rank each loan in order of importance (think due date and interest rate).

Student Loan Hero also offers repayment plan suggestions and monthly payment reminders.


LoanLook provides a dashboard with a personal student loan profile, along with budgeting and loan payment optimization tools.

Users also have the ability to web chat with loan counselors and quickly set up notifications via SMS and email to get reminders for upcoming payments. LoanLook is not just for students – the tool offers custom accounts for both students and parents who took out education loans on behalf of their children or simply want to track their child’s loan status. Both desktop and mobile versions of the app are available.

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