4 Budgeting Apps that Make Savings a Breeze

Budgeting Apps

Two recent Bankrate.com surveys revealed that three out of five Americans are just one medical emergency or unforeseen car repair away from depleting their savings1, and one in ten Americans have yet to save a dime for retirement.Even more shocking were the results of a similar survey that revealed around one third of American adults don’t have any emergency savings at all.3

According to financial experts, Americans should be saving 15% of their gross income in the event of an emergency, and for retirement and other goals.It’s generally known that people struggle with saving money because of time, stress, fear of failure and other concerns, and although saving can be difficult, it’s an absolute necessity. Building a nest egg will help ensure financial security and freedom for you and your family – now and in the future.2

Saving money may require some discipline, but there are tools out there that can help. Budgeting apps can guide you in setting spending goals, tracking expenses, identifying areas where you’re overspending and get you (and keep you) on the path to saving money. If you’d like to get started, check out these four budgeting apps that’ll make saving a breeze.

Budgeting App Infographic

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