How to Access Emergency Aid in Your Area

As much as we try to budget and tuck away savings for a rainy day, we may still experience the occasional financial hardship, like the loss of a job or unavoidable emergency expense. Although financial stress can weigh you down, we’re still here for you when you need it most.

In order to help you get back on your feet sooner, NetCredit has partnered with SpringFour to bring you a wide variety of financial resources and assistance to help. From reduced-cost home repairs and rental placement programs, to unemployment resources and career services, SpringFour is a completely free platform that connects you with relevant and helpful emergency assistance in your area. All you need to do is enter your zip code to find out what’s available — there’s no need to register or log in.

While the specific offerings will vary based on location, new programs are added to the platform as they become available. If you’re in need of help, here are five ways that SpringFour can assist you in a financial emergency.


1. Crisis and Emergency Relief

Financial and/or job-related stress are some of the most common reasons why Americans are so stressed out. If you lose your source of income, how do you put food on the table? And if your health insurance is offered through your employer, losing a job may also put your health insurance coverage in question.

But even if you’re without a job or health coverage, SpringFour can help provide options and programs to get you by:

  • Financial Aid and Unemployment Insurance: Find local or state financial programs to help pay for your basic needs.
  • Health Services: Access a variety of low-cost laboratory, healthcare and prescription services that can help you stay healthy for less.
  • Food Benefits: Locate food banks, subsidized or free food programs and other aid to help feed your family.


2. Career Services

The recent economic crisis has upended the labor market, causing record-high unemployment levels across the country. While some industries, positions and businesses have plummeted or are now closed, new opportunities have surged in certain fields, like healthcare, grocery/food supply and tech support services.

SpringFour can connect you with in-demand jobs, local career search and placement options, career counseling services or even training programs to help you learn new skills to pursue a different field.


3. Housing and Utility Needs

Financial experts recommend keeping your housing and utility costs at roughly 30 percent or less of your gross income. If you spend more than this amount on your housing and utilities, you may become rent- or cost-burdened. However, the lack of affordable housing in America disproportionately affects millions of households in the low- to very-low income ranges. In fact, a recent study suggests that more middle-income households are experiencing this hardship with fewer affordable options available, causing them to spend more on fixed monthly costs.

SpringFour can connect you with housing programs and other assistance in your area that can help ease your situation. While specific options will vary based on your location, you can find housing assistance, home placement aid, subsidized utility services and other resources that can help.


4. Home Repair Services

Urgent and unexpected home repairs can come at the worst time. If you don’t have sufficient funds available in your emergency fund, you might feel like you’re out of options. But with SpringFour, can find special programs like low-cost repair services that can help you put a roof over your head when you need it most.


5. Additional Financial Assistance

SpringFour can connect you with even more programs in select areas that are designed to help you stretch your budget further:

  • Programs for the Elderly: Find resources like home aid, special healthcare or other assistance for senior citizens.
  • Childcare Services: Learn about affordable childcare programs, options and assistance in your region.
  • Digital/Technological Services: Locate programs that can provide reduced-cost hardware or subsidized internet access to stay connected.




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