Allowance for Adults: 5 Kid-Friendly Income Sources Repurposed for Grownups


With 50% of U.S. workers making less than $26,364 per year, it’s not uncommon for Americans to struggle with bills and other expenses each month. And between families and other obligations, picking up a second job isn’t a possibility for everyone. But a second job isn’t the only option.

Thanks to the new “e-conomy,” digital platforms are popping up left and right to transform the household chores we performed as kids into sources of extra cash for adults. A babysitting job here, a grocery run there and before you know it, you can generate a bit of side money to help make ends meet from month to month. While you should always do your own due diligence before signing up for an online service, these apps offer several interesting ways to earn extra income — one chore at a time.

1. Babysit

Good with kids? An hour or two of babysitting is a fun way to earn a few extra bucks. If your friends and neighbors aren’t looking for a hand with childcare, consider Sittercity, an online platform that connects families with local caregivers. The process is simple: create a profile for free, search for babysitting jobs that meet your criteria, and then apply for jobs that fit your schedule.

2. Pet sit

If you’re an animal person, you might consider turning your love for animals into extra income by seeking out pet sitting or dog walking opportunities. lets individuals create a pet sitter profiles and review local opportunities.

3. House sit

Looking after a neighbor’s house while they are away is another way to earn a few extra bucks. For house sitting opportunities in your city (or another city, if you’re feeling adventurous), check out services like and House Carers.

4. Run errands

Busy people don’t have time for day-to-day errands, and some are even willing to pay a pretty penny to outsource them. Exec is an app that connects busy people with those who can complete their chores – a workforce they refer to as “Execs,” short for executive assistants. According to the site, many of these Execs are part-time professionals, writers and other freelancers. Check out the Exec Live Feed to see what kinds of errands are being completed (buy flowers for my niece’s graduation, return my mobile phone to T-Mobile, bring out and take in my trash bins on a weekly basis).

5. Deliver lunch or groceries

Have a few extra hours a week and a bike, car or scooter? Throw on that deliveryman hat and make a few extra bucks by shuttling items (lunch, groceries, office supplies, etc.) from point A to point B with mobile app Postmates. Payment is based on an algorithm that calculates fees based on time, distance and location, and availability slots include weekends, weekdays and nights. Anyone can apply to be a courier, but delivery experience helps.


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