3 Tools for Making Money from Outdated Gadgets


Let’s face it: outdated, even out-of-the-box gadgets plummet in value. But that doesn’t mean they’re worthless. From the Kindle you never use to last year’s Android model, the gadgets collecting dust around your apartments provide an opportunity to bring in a little extra cash for those of us who are living paycheck to paycheck

Amazon and eBay are household names in online secondhand sales, and they’re popular ways to get every penny possible out of the sale. However, there are alternative options to selling your old technology, particularly if you’re willing to make a little less money in exchange for a quicker sale. While you should always do your own due diligence before selecting a site to sell your stuff, check out these three resellers.


Gazelle is a gadget exchange service for Apple enthusiasts. They’ll take your iPad, iPod, Apple TV, MacBook, Apple desktop or iPhone, plus a handful of non-Apple cell phones. Answer a few quick questions about your device, including model, carrier, capacity and condition, and Gazelle will make you an offer. Next, you’ll ship the gadget to Gazelle, where they’ll take a second look at the condition. If everything checks out, they’ll then pay you via check, Amazon gift card, or PayPal.


To get started with NextWorth, find your product using the search box at the top of the page. You’ll answer two quick questions about the device’s condition and then see how much they’re willing to pay. To proceed, you’ll fill in your information including name, address and how you’d like to be paid (PayPal, Target Gift Card, or check). Print a pre-paid shipping label, box it up and drop the package off with UPS. NextWorth will verify the condition of your product and pay you within ten days.


Glyde is a person-to-person online market that lets users list items for sale, from phones to tablets to video games. Select your item’s version and condition, and Glyde will estimate the device’s fair market value – this serves as a handy guide for setting your price. Once someone hits “buy” on your listing, Glyde will send you a pre-addressed, pre-stamped shipping kit. Send it off, and your proceeds will be deposited into your Glyde account 2-3 days after delivery to the buyer. You can then transfer profits from your Glyde account to your bank account, or have a check sent to your house for a $2 fee.


One word of caution before you sell any electronic equipment: remember to erase your personal information from the drives. Many gadgets save personally identifying information on their disk drives and memory storage. You need to delete all that data before you send off your computer or device.

Selling your unused technology is just one of many ways to make a little extra money. For more ideas on earning extra money for savings, check out the rest of our YOUconomy series.

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