An Introvert’s Guide to Starting A New Job

Disclaimer: This post was originally published on our UK partner’s site. Starting a new job can be particularly tough for introverts. Everybody has a mixture of excitement and anxiety on their first day, but introverts will be faced with the types of challenge that stress them the most. What can […]

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How Do Car Loans Affect Your Credit?

Public transit has become a way of life for many young adults and city dwellers, but the convenience of having your own car is an advantage that many people can’t pass up. Of course, that convenience comes with a cost. The average price of a new car is $34,077, and […]

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debit or credit

Credit vs. Debit Cards: Which Is Better?

Chances are you have a debit or a credit card in your wallet right now, maybe even both. Carrying cards instead of cash has several benefits: Cards tend to be safer, are very convenient, have additional cash-back rewards and they make transactions easier to track electronically. But is a debit [...]
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family math

Extra Credit! Math Made Fun

Think back to those wonder years when you were in grade school. If you made a list of your favorite classes in school, where would math class be on your list? For many kids today, just as in the past, math is often at the bottom of their lists. Some […]

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interest rates header

How Do Banks and Lenders Set Interest Rates?

For many consumers, the way banks and lenders set interest rates on their automobile loans, credit cards and other finance products often seems to be clouded in mystery. Is the rate something the Federal Reserve Bank Chairman designates? Are the rates determined in closed-door meetings? Let’s walk through all the […]

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bbq header

The Best Budget BBQ Party Ideas

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and the kids are days away from the end of the school year — that’s right — BBQ season is here! The tradition of BBQ parties is a summer staple for a reason — everyone loves an opportunity to get together with friends […]

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