Monthly Challenge: Smart Uses for your Tax Refund

Monthly Challenge: Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund

The end of tax season is upon us and it’s time to plan what to do with your refund. A tax refund is a refund on income tax that is given when a person owes less than the total amount withheld from their regular paychecks and any tax credits received. Because of this, tax refunds differ from person to person as well as from year to year. Since you can’t always rely on how much you will get back, it’s a good idea to treat the return like surprise income and use it in a fiscally responsible way.

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6 Hobbies That Can Also Be Second Careers

Do you love to write in a journal or blog in your free time? Are you the designated photographer in your family who happily snaps all the wedding and family reunion photos? Do you hang on to old coins, baseball cards, and everything in between? Although we usually consider these […]

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Monthly Budget Challenge: Make Extra Money from Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung and it’s time for seasonal home cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t all scrubbing and sweeping though, it’s an opportunity to purge your home of clutter. Before you throw anything away, consider the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We’re not just talking about your average […]

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