In A Pinch? Cash in.
March 9, 2015

8 Unusual Ways to Earn Money

What do you do when you’re late on your rent, car payment or credit card bill? If you’ve exhausted all your primary financial resources, how do you cover your expenses? There are times when your income just isn’t enough. In the event that you find yourself in such a situation, it may be in your […]

Gender Wage Gap
August 7, 2013

How Women Can Earn More Despite the Widening Wage Gap

Earlier this month we talked about new “breadwinner moms” – a group made up of one part well-off, married mothers and one part single moms hovering just slightly over the poverty threshold. But how are women in general fairing in terms of wages as compared to their male counterparts? Let’s take a look at the […]

Retirement Advice
July 26, 2013

NetCredit Asks: What Do You Wish You’d Known About Retirement Savings When You Were Younger?

To better understand what we can all be doing now to better prepare for the future, we turned the question to readers. We asked, “What do you wish you’d known about retirement savings when you were younger?”

Breadwinner Mom
July 24, 2013

New ‘Breadwinner Moms’ Aren’t Necessarily Well-Off

Between recent headlines about the new “breadwinner moms” and the rise of two powerful working moms in the tech industry (Yahoo!’s Marissa Mayer and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg), it appears that earning power and financial status might be changing course for the American mom. Before we mark this transition down in history, however, let’s take a […]

Millennials Take the App Approach to Retirement Planning
July 19, 2013

Retirement Planning Tips for Millennials, Gen X-ers & Boomers

What’s the best tool out there to help you plan for retirement? That depends – are you a Boomer, a Gen X-er or a Millennial? According to a recent survey from the American United Life Insurance Company, the preferred resources for retirement preparation rely heavily on age. Here’s a breakdown of which tools various age […]

Student Loans Mortgage
May 24, 2013

Will Student Loans Hurt Your Ability to Buy a Home?

A house, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence: it’s the classic American dream. But with the cost of a four-year degree rivaling (if not surpassing) the cost of a modest home, some fear that young America’s ability to attain those decades-old aspirations could be threatened. A report by Young Invincibles, a policy resource organization, […]

Overqualified Grads
May 10, 2013

Half of College Grads Are Overqualified for Their Jobs

College degrees certainly aren’t dropping in price, but are they declining in value? Many Americans consider a college degree to be the ultimate door to opportunity: a well-rounded education, a good job, and, ultimately, a comfortable income. Sure, someone with a bachelor’s degree earns an average of 1.6 times more than someone who only possesses […]

25 Ways to Earn
April 29, 2013

Infographic: 25 Ways to Earn Extra Cash

With the knowledge that nearly half of all Americans are struggling to stay current on bills each month, we set out to find a few non-traditional ways to help make ends meet. Over the past several weeks we’ve shared a number of ways to earn extra spending cash when times are tight. To wrap up […]

Crowdsource Labor
April 26, 2013

Earn Spending Money with Crowdsourced Labor Apps

Our YOUconomy series has seen people rent extra rooms, teach classes, and even keep an eye on the neighbor’s dog to earn a bit of extra spending money when times are tight. Yet another option for making a few bucks is to help businesses out with tasks that they need a real, live person to […]

2 Ways To Turn Your Opinions Into Cash
April 24, 2013

2 Ways To Turn Your Opinions Into Cash

Nearly half of Americans are struggling to stay current on bills, which means there isn’t much wiggle room to put money aside for unexpected expenses like car repairs or medical emergencies. One way to start contributing to an emergency savings fund is to think outside (or rather, in addition to) the traditional 9-5 job. Over […]