Going Green: Easy Daily Practices


Going Green

Greening your lifestyle is as simple as becoming more environmentally aware and making small adjustments every day. The choice to go green is an ongoing process for everyone and one that will likely take extra time and patience. However, by deciding to take action, you reduce the amount of pollution and waste you generate! To assist you with greening your lifestyle, take a look at these simple daily practices and begin trying them in your home, at the office and during your day-to-day. 

In the Home

    • Go paperless for all of your bills! Rather than receiving paper statements in your mailbox, switch your account preferences to paperless and pay online.
    • For all the lamps around your home, use compact fluorescent or LED bulbs.
    • In the winter and the summer, if you’re not home (or can avoid it), try not to use your heating and cooling system.
    • Do you get the newspaper or magazines delivered to your home? Instead of reading the physical copy, try reading your news online (smartphone, tablet, apps, etc.).
    • Check all the faucets in your home for leaks. No reason to waste water!

At the Office

    • Do you drive to the office every day? Do any of your co-workers live near you? Try to organize a carpool schedule to cut back on gas.
    • While this may be a difficult adjustment, for you and the rest of the office, try to establish a paperless filing system. At least start printing on both sides of the page to save paper.
    • Donate any leftover or unused books and manuals to local workforces or charities!
    • While your computer may be on sleep mode when you leave the office for the day, it still uses a bunch of energy. Before you leave for the evening, turn it off.
    • If you use wireless computer accessories like a mouse or keyboard, purchase rechargeable batteries. 

Around the Town

    • If you and some friends are heading to the movies, purchase e-tickets through an app on your smartphone rather than printing them out.
    • Are you traveling soon? Rather than printing your boarding pass out, save it to your smartphone.
    • Did you know you could take your own travel mug to coffee shops? Some establishments will even give you a discount!
    • We know you will likely have to drive around town to get your errands done. But rather than spacing them out, try to accomplish all of them in one long trip!
    • Carry a reusable water bottle with you everywhere! Not only will this save you money, it’s also helping to save the Earth!
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