How to be Promotable

How to be Promotable

Do you feel like you’re ready for a promotion?

Maybe there’s some internal shuffling going on in your office, or maybe you’re just ready to move up from the current position you’ve held for years. Whatever the case may be, you might be ready for a promotion, but are you sure you’re promotable?

Proving yourself promotable in the workplace takes more than just showing up on time and taking direction. In order to really wow superiors and show you’re ready to advance, you’ve got to make sure you possess some key promotable traits. We’ve outlined some of those for you below!

A good employee volunteers his or her efforts before even being asked. They volunteer for more tasks and responsibility, and not just because of immediate reward. This type of employees simply goes above and beyond and will be the first thought of when promotions are being decided.

Don’t be too irreplaceable
While performing at the highest level possible in your position is, of course, in your best interest, being so good at it that you aren’t replaceable isn’t. If your boss feels like they won’t be able to ever replace you because no one can do what you do, you’ll never leave your position and, consequently, will never move up! If you can teach your job duties and skills to others along the way, you’ll have a better chance of eventually handing off the position to another and be able to move up. Not to mention, you will be demonstrating your teaching and leadership abilities and therefore will be taken even more seriously for a promotion.

See the vision, be the vision
The vision of your company is not only important for you to stand behind — you need to embrace it! If your boss recognizes you demonstrating the core values while you explain what ideas you have for contributing long term, you’ll be first in line when it comes to promotion time.

Emotional intelligence
Your EQ matters as much as your IQ! Emotional intelligence is equally as important as any other proficiency held in the workplace. Working under pressure without losing your cool and being self-aware are quality leadership characteristics and are the type of things that are absolutely noticed from higher-ups. If you’ve got the ability to not only keep a level head with high responsibility but also to show empathy to others and improve on yourself when you see fit, then it’ll be hard for your bosses to say no when you ask for that promotion!

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