How To Get Creative At Work



Creativity is often translated to working in a certain industry like advertising, acting or writing. The fact is, being creative stretches across any and all professions. Thinking creatively doesn’t have to be restricted to its association with the fine arts-it can go well beyond that.

Here are a couple tips we have to find your inner creativity at the workplace:

Your quirks are a goldmine:
What others may find weird could be your greatest strength. Do you find your best ideas come to you in a certain place or while doing a certain activity? Play on that! Have confidence in who you are and what sets you apart from your colleagues.

Call it an active form of daydreaming but doodling can uncover buried treasures hiding deep inside your mind. By stimulating specific areas of the brain, these sketches and scribbles unearth new ideas and have the potential to help your understanding of a certain idea or concept.

Free your mind:
Unleash your creative potential by taking up a hobby. Sculpt, paint, write, read, cook, perform-the possibilities are endless! While exploring your interests, take the time to appreciate what your creativity expresses. The next big idea may be within you after all.

Take a break from staring at the computer screen:
Can’t seem to eek an idea out? Then it’s time to take a break-not only for your brain’s sake, but for your work’s too. Leaving the confines of your desk and taking a walk around the office can do wonders. Who knows, maybe the small talk you have with a co-worker or the bubbles from the water cooler will be all you need to flip your creative switch.

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