Startup Trends for 2015

Very often, startups come into existence by entrepreneurs noticing a gap in the market and taking innovative risks. Businesses are often under the pressure to innovate and seek assistance from these emerging startups. This year, keep an eye out for these five emerging technology startup trends.

Startup Trends for 2015

Infographic Roundup

In 2015, many new and emerging startups will create a place for themselves in the market.

Big Data. Big data is already being used by 64% of businesses and is expected to explode this year.

Artificial Intelligence. Since its inception, more than 170 startups have incorporated it into their data.

Security. Security continues to be an extremely interesting category for investment. As hackers are becoming more sophisticated, the need for more protection rises.

Mobile. In 2014, there were 1.3 million mobile apps available for download.2 Although the creation of mobile apps is a booming industry, there will be an increased necessity for startups to handle mobile IT and security.

Financial. In 2015, financial startups will be dedicated to making products look and perform better.

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