Most Expensive Cities in the US

How to Save in an Expensive City

It’s a common practice for management to raise their employees’ salaries every year to account for the increase in the cost of living (COLA) to help them maintain their lifestyles. These raises are calculated off of a cost of living index, but are typically around 3% of your annual salary. That small increase can make a significant difference for some, while for others, it’s necessary just to get by.

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house header

Will Student Loans Hurt Your Ability to Buy a Home?

A house, 2.5 kids and a white picket fence: It’s the classic American dream. But with the cost of a four-year degree rivaling (if not surpassing) the cost of a modest home, some fear that young America’s ability to attain those decades-old aspirations could be threatened.

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13 Tips for the Perfect Phone Interview Header Image

13 Tips for the Perfect Phone Interview

Job interviews can be an intimidating experience. When the interview takes place over the phone, it can be even trickier. Awkward silences seem to be magnified, and you can’t rely on the interviewer’s body language to judge the atmosphere. How can you ace that interview when you have no visual […]

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great depression table

Comparing the Great Recession of 2008 with the Great Depression

We all felt it. In fact, many of us are all still feeling the effects of it even now almost a decade later. The impact of what is now called the Great Recession of 2008 still reverberates today. Home values fell off a cliff, waves of foreclosures hit the market and the unemployment rate topped 10 percent for the first time in nearly 25 years. 2008 initiated a very bad period for the U.S. economy. How bad was it?

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tax deductibles

Are Your Loan Payments Tax Deductible?

Credit, used responsibly, is a good thing. It helps prime the economic pump by helping consumers buy things now and pay them off over time. When that is done successfully, it also has a positive effect on your credit score, which can benefit many aspects of your life. Certain types […]

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Decluttering Challenge

We live in an age of excess: big cars, large portion sizes at restaurants, any item you need delivered to you with ease. In fact, the average size of the American home has nearly tripled in the last 50 years.1 For what reason? To hold more stuff. When was the last [...]
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