10 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

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Over 55% of adults believe they have the ability to start a business.1 However, only 15% to 20% are engaged in running a startup or more established business. If you’re considering starting a business or are successfully operating your own company, check out these 10 hacks to make your entrepreneurship more productive:

1. Morning Routine

Time is scarce when you’re an entrepreneur. In order to kick-start your workday before it gets busy, you need to establish a morning routine. Some suggestions: stretch, resist checking your phone, drink water before coffee, have a high-protein breakfast and go for a short walk outside.

2. Invest in Your Workspace

Whether you work in an office daily or operate from your home office, invest in a comfortable and healthy workspace. Being relaxed in your office will make a huge difference in your motivation and productivity.

3. Analyze Data

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly being exposed to new data and applications to consider using. Continue exposing yourself and your business to the evolution of the web, but do your research before implementing anything new.

4. Social Media

Social media is so prevalent in our day-to-day culture. But in order to get work done to your best ability, you need to log off Facebook and Twitter. Posting a status can wait!

5. Use the “Two-Minute” Rule

David Allen, time management consultant and author of productivity book Getting Things Done, advises his readers to complete a task if it is going to take two minutes or less. If you determine that an action can be done in 120 seconds, get it done!

6. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!

Do you know what needs to be completed daily? If not, you will need to teach yourself how to prioritize. Adopt a system that works well for you and if you can’t think of one, start with making basic to-do lists.

7. Forget About the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The best part about being an entrepreneur is having the luxury of setting your own schedule. So let the 9 to 5 schedule go and adopt times that work well for you and your productivity. Make the necessary adjustments to maximize your opportunities!

8. Project Management Software

Different tools work better for different entrepreneurs and their teams. According to Capterra, the top three project management software products are 10,000ft, Asana and AtTask Enterprise.2. Find a software that fits your team and will help you to prioritize your projects.

9. Set Short-Term Goals

In traditional workforces, quarterly and yearly goals are set for employees. However, long-term goals leave little to no room for improving along the way. So, in your business, set short-term goals. This will aid in your productivity and open the space for feedback.

10. Disconnect When Necessary

As an entrepreneur, you likely spend a lot of time sending and receiving emails, searching the Internet and reviewing documents. So at the end of your workday and one day of the weekend — turn off your computer, stow away your work phone and completely disconnect from social media.

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