5 DIY Projects You Can Do In A Day

Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to improve the quality of your home without breaking the bank. But getting started on these projects can be a challenge, as we may fear they will never end! In order to get you primed to do a project, you should establish a reasonable timeline for projection completion. Or better yet — pick a project you can complete in one day! Here are five DIY projects that fit that description.

1. Painting

Whether painting an accent wall or just the trim on the wall, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way to help freshen up your home. Opt for bolder and brighter colors to make your home more modern and vibrant. And if you really want to make a statement, consider painting your front door. Red, yellow, turquoise and navy are all high-impact colors.1

2. Re-upholster

Some upholstery jobs can take days, or require the craftsmanship of a professional. But smaller furniture items such as ottomans and stools are a project that most people can handle with a basic understanding of upholstery techniques. Buy a piece of foam, some batting and a piece of fabric. Cut the foam to fit, then use a nail gun to affix the batting and fabric.1 Don’t have a nail gun? Just borrow one from a neighbor, or use upholstery tacks instead!

3. Compost

Composting is a great way to provide excellent nutrition for plants, build the soil, feed beneficial microbes and keep valuable resources out of landfills.2 The best part is, it’s super easy to do! Just pick a location that is accessible yet somewhat hidden (unless you don’t mind the sight of rotting material). Pile up any organic objects that can be composted, and think of creative ways to enhance your pile. Some people like to create a bin, or surround the foundation of their pile with logs, stones, or stakes.

4. Back Bookshelves with Wallpaper

Do you have an old bookshelf that’s really beginning to show its age? Spruce it up by removing the shelves, then adhering wallpaper to the back boarding! A bright solid color or modern-looking pattern can go a long way to improve the aesthetics of an old bookshelf.

5. Polish Doorknobs

Due to frequent use and exposure to moisture (for outdoor knobs), brass doorknobs lose their shine and even corrode without care. Polishing them regularly helps to restore their new look — and it’s really easy to do! Just use some brass cleaner from the hardware store, or ammonia if you have some around the house. Apply with a rag, and be sure to use some masking tape on the doorframe to protect it from the polishing agents!3


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