Budgeting Tips for Teens
August 10, 2015

Practical Budgeting Tips for Young Adults

As your kids grow, the decisions they make surrounding money become more important, and teaching the young adults in your life about budgeting is no walk in the park. Don’t believe us? Just try to explain the importance of a checking and saving account without seeing eyes start to roll! But what if there was […]

Safe Deposit Boxes: The Right (and Wrong) Way to Use Them
June 23, 2014

Safe Deposit Boxes: The Right (and Wrong) Way to Use Them

Although most consumers have transferred their banking activities from physical institutions to online sites and apps, having a physical banking institution can definitely come with some advantages. One of those advantages is the ability access a safe deposit box. Safe deposit boxes can keep a lot of important documents safe from home theft and disasters […]

There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch:12 Money Myths (& Facts)
June 17, 2014

There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch:12 Money Myths (& Facts)

Let’s debunk some common money sayings and myths.

Money Orders vs. Cashier’s Checks: What’s the Difference?
April 2, 2014

Money Orders vs. Cashier’s Checks: What’s the Difference?

If you’re on the house hunt, you’ve probably encountered a couple of terms again and again — cashier’s checks and money orders. Although the two can, often, perform the same roles, and are trusted forms of payment, there are also big differences between the two. What are they? Learn more about them below. Cashier’s checks […]

Preparing Financially for Emergency Repairs
January 8, 2014

Preparing Financially for Emergency Repairs

With a new year come new opportunities to get on the right financial track. Unfortunately, the new year also comes with a new list of challenges. In this case, the best offense is good defense  —  and what better defense can you establish than creating an emergency fund to help prepare you financially for all of […]

Credit Card Use
October 28, 2013

Why Millennials Are Choosing Debit Rather Than Credit

These days a substantial number of young adults are opting out of credit cards altogether. In a recent study, FICO nicknamed the Millennial generation “The Young and the Cardless.” According to their research, in 2012, 16% of those ages 18-29 had no credit cards whatsoever. Back in 2005, before the Great Recession hit, just 9% […]

5 Questions Consumers Should Be Able To Answer About the FDIC
October 21, 2013

5 Questions Consumers Should Be Able To Answer About the FDIC

You read about the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation back in high school history class, and you probably hear the acronym quickly rattled off at the end of TV commercials, or see the sign in the window of your bank. But what exactly does the FDIC do for everyday consumers like you and me? Let’s run […]

Allowance Tips
September 11, 2013

Allowance In America: When, Why & How Much We Pay Our Kids

American parents are shelling out an average of $780 a year for each child’s allowance. Think that seems a bit steep? Here are a few more allowance statistics from the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts that will shed some light on how your household rules stack up to the rest. 61% of parents pay […]

Retirement Glossary
July 5, 2013

The ABCs of Retirement Planning

If you’re like 49% of working Americans, you’re not feeling terribly confident about the money you have tucked away for retirement. In fact, for many, the idea of saving enough is so daunting that they continually put off the process of calculating how much they’ll need to have saved in order to live comfortably during […]

Mobile Finance
June 28, 2013

Mobile Finance Services Offer Alternative for the Underbanked

Over a quarter of Americans are unbanked or underbanked. That means millions are foregoing the protection and convenience of traditional financial institutions, all while incurring additional fees in order to perform day-to-day transactions like depositing a paycheck or paying rent. How can this underserved population gain access to affordable financial services? Turns out, the solution […]