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10 Hacks to Get Your Family to Eat Healthy
August 24, 2015

10 Hacks to Get Your Family to Eat Healthy

Does your family enjoy eating fruits and vegetables? If yes, then lucky you! But chances are, you have to bribe your partner and children to enjoy healthy meals and snacks. While it might be a challenge to get your family on board with quinoa and kale, it’s not impossible. To help, we’ve come up with […]

10 Things That Aren’t Worth Buying
July 31, 2015

10 Things That Aren’t Worth Buying

Being careful about how you spend your money isn’t about being frugal; it’s just common sense! But the marketplace is loaded with products that take advantage of people’s immediate urges. By being more conscious of these money-wasters, you’ll set yourself on the right path to saving your money for things you truly need. This list […]

Fresh Foods for Fido
July 21, 2015

Fresh Foods for Fido

Did you know National Dog Day is August 26? Treat your furry friend to some fresh foods! In many families, dogs are treated like honorary family members. They cuddle with us, we take them out for exercise everyday, and we even clean up their messes. Often, we also sneak some “people” food for them under […]

Greening Your Lifestyle
June 24, 2015

Going Green: Easy Daily Practices

Greening your lifestyle is as simple as becoming more environmentally aware and making small adjustments every day. The choice to go green is an ongoing process for everyone and one that will likely take extra time and patience. However, by deciding to take action, you reduce the amount of pollution and waste you generate! To […]

Meal Prep Made Easy
May 11, 2015

Save Money and Stay Healthy With Weekly Meal Prep

Cooking your own food isn’t only better for you than eating out, it can also be much cheaper! The problem for many people is time: Who’s got the hours it takes to shop for groceries and cook fresh meals every day? There’s a secret weapon that makes it easy to enjoy homemade meals throughout the […]

Cut Your Electricity Bill-Energy Saving Tips
January 26, 2015

Cut Your Electricity Bill-Energy Saving Tips

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your energy bill has to skyrocket.  Often the simplest solution can be found around the house or bought cheaply. Not only will you be saving green, you’ll actually be green when you aren’t consuming so much energy.  Tips to save on energy costs: Replace your filters regularly Not only […]

5 Ways to Encourage You (and Your Family) to Recycle
July 7, 2014

5 Ways to Encourage You (and Your Family) to Recycle

Here’s a sobering statistic: 4.6 pounds of trash are produced per person per day in the United States. That’s the most in the world! Meanwhile, only 1.5 pounds of materials are recycled per person per day in the U.S. Clearly, we still have some work to do, but it can be difficult if you don’t […]

How to Garden on a Budget
June 4, 2014

How to Garden on a Budget

With summer come blooming flowers, blossoming trees, and the promise of gardens full of fresh fruits and veggies to enjoy. Exercising your green thumb can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, though. How can you create a fantastic garden without emptying your wallet? We spoke with gardening experts and enthusiasts to get their best […]

Commuting Cost
September 6, 2013

Cut Back on Commuting Costs with These 4 Tips

Is your daily commute wearing away at your spirit? How about your wallet? According to U.S. Census Bureau data, the average American commuting time clocks in at a reasonable 25.5 minutes – but these are the lucky ones. Meanwhile, a whopping 10.8 million people commute an hour or more to work each way, and another […]

Summer Cooling Tips
August 12, 2013

11 Ways to Keep Home Cooling Costs Down During Hot Summer Months

It’s easy to become irritable during hot summer months, so the last thing you want is to open up a hefty electric bill. Take advantage of these money-saving tips to keep your cooling costs down even while the temperature gets high this summer. Use a dehumidifier Certain areas of the US are notorious for high […]