Budgeting Tips for Teens
August 10, 2015

Practical Budgeting Tips for Young Adults

As your kids grow, the decisions they make surrounding money become more important, and teaching the young adults in your life about budgeting is no walk in the park. Don’t believe us? Just try to explain the importance of a checking and saving account without seeing eyes start to roll! But what if there was […]

10 Things That Aren’t Worth Buying
July 31, 2015

10 Things That Aren’t Worth Buying

Being careful about how you spend your money isn’t about being frugal; it’s just common sense! But the marketplace is loaded with products that take advantage of people’s immediate urges. By being more conscious of these money-wasters, you’ll set yourself on the right path to saving your money for things you truly need. This list […]

Hacks For Your Car
July 8, 2015

10 Car Hacks

Drivers log an average of 13,476 miles every year. That’s 37 miles a day!1 Somewhere between all of that asphalt, harsh weather, bugs on your windshield and wrappers on your floorboards — your trusty car starts to look and feel the journeys on its exterior and interior. To make your driving experience more enjoyable (and […]

4th of July BBQ on a Budget
June 29, 2015

Fourth of July BBQ On a Budget

The Fourth of July is one of the best days of the entire summer. There’s food, games, family and a whole lot of fireworks. This year, you’ve decided you want your home to be BBQ central. However, you’re on a bit of budget. Check out how to make your grilling event the best of the […]

Greening Your Lifestyle
June 24, 2015

Going Green: Easy Daily Practices

Greening your lifestyle is as simple as becoming more environmentally aware and making small adjustments every day. The choice to go green is an ongoing process for everyone and one that will likely take extra time and patience. However, by deciding to take action, you reduce the amount of pollution and waste you generate! To […]

3 Ways to Save Money on Travel
April 16, 2015

Finding The Best Deals 3 Ways

Everyone gets the urge to head out of town sometimes. Unfortunately, vacations can be expensive — and one of the most expensive parts can be getting where you’re going. When you rush into a vacation, you can wind up spending a premium on travel, taking a chunk out of your budget before you even arrive. Resist […]

Get perks for your purchases
April 6, 2015

How to Use Credit Cards for Travel Rewards

Those who love to travel are probably aware of credit card rewards programs that help offset travel costs. If you think you’d benefit from such being in such a program,* this overview should give you a good idea of how to get started. 1. Research Rewards Programs Do your homework to decide which program is […]

How Much Can I Afford? A Look at Home Loans
February 25, 2015

How Much Can I Afford? A Look at Home Loans

As home prices are still at record lows, now is a good time to look into purchasing a house. What are some things you should take into consideration when buying a home for the first time? Maintain a Good Credit Score Most credit scores fall between 600-750. An ideal credit score? Over 700. Consider What […]

Saving for College
February 25, 2015

Saving for College

It has become commonplace for Americans to hold a degree from a higher education institution which is great for the future of the national economy, but what does it spell out for personal finances? When you or a dependent have a solid financial plan before starting post-secondary education, there is a better chance of being […]

Giving Back During the Holiday Season
December 26, 2014

Giving Back During the Holiday Season

In many nations including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, the day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day. Traditionally on Boxing Day, wealthy families would give their servants the day off and give them gifts. Nowadays, as most people don’t have servants, people give to charity instead. In celebration of Boxing Day and in […]